GRIHA Certification Services

Elevate Your Sustainability Goals with Firstgreen Consulting’s GRIHA Certification Services

GRIHA Certification Services

At Firstgreen Consulting, we are committed to fostering sustainable development through our comprehensive GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) Certification services. GRIHA is India’s national rating system for green buildings, and our expertise can help your project achieve this prestigious certification, ensuring environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.

Consultation and Planning

Evaluate the potential for GRIHA certification and develop a customized strategy.
Integrate sustainable practices into the planning and design phases of your project.

Documentation and Submission

Prepare and compile all necessary documentation for GRIHA certification.
Assist with the submission process and coordinate with GRIHA authorities to ensure compliance.

Implementation Support

Provide guidance on sustainable construction methods and materials.
Monitor the implementation of sustainable practices to ensure they meet GRIHA standards.


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