Floating Solar Advisory

Firstgreen Consulting offers specialized advisory services for floating solar power projects.

Floating Solar Advisory

At Firstgreen Consulting, Our expertise encompasses feasibility studies, custom design, and installation oversight to ensure the successful deployment of floating solar systems. With our comprehensive approach and technical proficiency, we help clients harness the benefits of floating solar technology, optimizing space utilization and energy generation.

Feasibility Studies

Conducting thorough assessments of potential sites, including water bodies, to evaluate their suitability for floating solar installations.
Detailed analysis of environmental and technical factors.

Custom Design Solutions

Developing custom engineering solutions to optimize the design and layout of floating solar systems based on site-specific conditions and client requirements.
Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and materials.

Installation Oversight

Providing end-to-end project management services to ensure seamless coordination and execution of floating solar projects.
Assisting with the commissioning process to ensure that the floating solar systems operate at optimal performance levels from day one.

Operation & Maintenance

Providing comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) services to ensure the long-term performance and reliability of floating solar systems.
Utilizing advanced monitoring systems to track and optimize the performance of floating solar installations in real-time.


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Sandip Ghosh

Head Solar Business

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Head Of Sustainablity

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Head Of Finance

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Sustainablilty Consultant

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