Solar PPA

Firstgreen Consulting offers Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Solar PPA

At Firstgreen Consulting, Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) designed to provide commercial and industrial consumers with access to clean, renewable energy without any upfront costs. Our PPA solutions enable businesses to reduce their electricity bills and carbon footprint while benefiting from reliable and cost-effective solar power.

Zero Upfront Costs

Clients can benefit from solar energy systems installed at their premises without any initial capital investment. Firstgreen Consulting takes care of all the costs associated with the design, installation, and maintenance of the solar power systems.

Guaranteed Savings

Our PPAs provide clients with a predictable and often lower cost of electricity compared to conventional grid power, leading to significant long-term savings.
PPA agreements offer fixed rates for solar power

Maintenance & Monitoring

Firstgreen Consulting provides comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) services throughout the duration of the PPA, ensuring that the solar systems operate at peak performance.
Advanced monitoring systems allow clients to track the performance

Scalable Solutions

Our PPAs are tailored to meet the specific energy needs and goals of each client, whether for small-scale rooftop installations or large-scale solar farms.
We offer flexible contract terms and conditions to align with the financial and operational requirements of our clients.


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