Solar Design Engineering Services

Harness the Power of the Sun with Firstgreen Consulting’s Solar Design Engineering Services

Solar Design Engineering Services

At Firstgreen Consulting, we specialize in delivering comprehensive Solar Design Engineering services that help businesses and individuals harness the power of solar energy. Our expert team provides innovative and efficient solar design solutions tailored to meet your energy needs, ensuring maximum performance and return on investment.

Site Assessment and Feasibility Study

Evaluate site conditions, including solar insolation, shading, and structural suitability.
Assess the technical and economic feasibility of solar installation for your site.

System Design and Engineering

Determine the optimal size of the solar energy system based on your energy needs and site conditions.
Use advanced software tools to model system performance and predict energy output.

Detailed Engineering and Documentation

Conduct electrical, mechanical, and structural analysis to ensure system safety and reliability.
Prepare detailed engineering drawings, specifications, and documentation for installation and permitting.

Project Management and Implementation Support

Develop project plans and timelines to ensure smooth execution of the solar installation.
Conduct inspections and testing to verify system performance and compliance with standards.


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Sandip Ghosh

Head Solar Business

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Head Of Sustainablity

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Head Of Finance

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Senior Sustainablilty Consultant




Sustainablilty Consultant


Sustainablilty Consultant

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