500 kWp Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Project

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System Specification

Panel Type: Renewsys 330 Wp

Panel Qty: 1520

Racking Type: Double Stack Fixed Tilt

Foundation: RCC Foundation

Inverter Type: Sungrow 100 kW

Inverter Quantity: 4

Property: JK Lakshmi Cement Radhashyampur

DC Voltage:1000 VDC 

AC Voltage: 415 V

Zero Export Device: Watt-Mini


The 500 kWp ground mounted solar photovoltaic project was developed in JK Lakshmi Cement premises for their own captive consumption. The project is developed as a CAPEX project by Firstgreen. The plant Contract load is 7.6 MVA. In this project we have used 4 Sungrow inverters 100 kW each. As the plant contract load is 7.6 MVA and solar installed is 500 kWp DC and 400 Kw AC so there is no chance of back feeding in the grid in normal operating days, but if we consider the days when production is low or Sundays when the plant is not in operation then there may be a chance of back feed to grid as at that time the load is near about 200 or 300 kW. As the customer don’t want to back feed the excess generation to grid so we have used zero export device to stop the back feed of the system to grid. In this project we have used Y Connector with 15 A Fuse Connector instead of DCDB.

Firstgreen Scope

Firstgreen provided full civil, structural, and electrical engineering for this project. The engineering team of Firstgreen is very highly dedicated for the project during design, installation & commissioning phase to achieve maximum yield from the project. Our team also prepared the necessary documents required by CESU to take the permission required for interconnection and system startup on time. During the design phase Firstgreen designed the plant by keeping land topography of site to achieve maximum yield from the plant. Firstgreen has 5 years Operation & Maintenance in his scope. Firstgreen also responsible for Zero export of the system to grid.

Plant Layout
[embeddoc url=”http://dcsgroups.in/temp/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Overall-Plant-Layout.pdf” download=”all” text=”Plant Layout Download”]

Key Features

  • JK Lakshmi has installed 500 kWp Solar photovoltaic in their premises to feed their own load.
  • The projects main challenge is his land contour so the project has been designed and installed as per land contours.
  • The project included coordination with the utility company as the project is grid connected.
  • The project is installed using string inverter to minimize the plant maintenance and to maximize the plant output.
  • The project had been installed using Y Connector with 15 A Fuse Connector in place of DCDB.
  • By using Y Connector we minimized the no. of cables as we have used 6 Sq.mm cable for DC Side.
  • Careful consideration has been taken to minimize shading from different equipment’s.
  • The project is designed, installed & commissioned keeping in mind that there will not be back fed into the grid.
  • Zero Export Device has been installed in the client end to stop back fed of the system to grid  in case there is less load than generation.