After PEDA waiver, MC plans solar power push

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As Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) has agreed to waive 5 per cent service charge on the installation of solar power plants, the Municipal Corporation has decided to prepare a proposal for approval of an advance payment of around Rs10 crore and signing a tripartite agreement with the firm.

Now, the civic body will take up the issue for getting approval from the House during a meeting of the Finance and Contract Committee (F&CC) to be held here on Monday.

According to the project, a solar power plant of 1000 kW capacity will come up at the main water works in Jogger Park. Apart from this, a solar power plant will be installed at the sewage treatment plant. Officials are also planning to equip the water works at the growth centre, MC office and 25,000 streetlights with solar plants.

The PEDA will execute the project, but no MC official is in the implementing committee. An agreement in this regard will be signed among the firm, MC and contractor.

The PEDA had demanded Rs50 lakh as service charges and an advance payment of around Rs10 crore for the project from the civic body. Unhappy with it, the MC had asked it to drop the charges as the firm is a promoter of solar power. The MC had also objected to the advance payment.

Recently, the firm had agreed to drop the service charges. Thereafter, the MC moved ahead with the project and will take up the proposal for House’s approval at the F&CC meeting. With the installation of solar power plants, the MC will save the annual electricity bill of Rs18 crore.

Source: The Tribune