“Amplus Teams Up with GE Vernova: A 108 MW Wind Energy Project on the Rise”

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Indeed, Amory Lovins’ quote about the power and potential of wind is validated by the recent selection of GE Vernova by Amplus as the onshore wind turbine supplier for their 108 MW wind power project in Tamil Nadu.

GE Vernova: A Global Leader in Wind Turbines

Renowned for its advanced wind technology, GE Vernova plays a pivotal role in harnessing wind energy around the globe. The selection of GE Vernova by Amplus underscores the firm’s reputation and its contribution to advancing wind power in India.

Amplus: Fuelling Tamil Nadu’s Wind Power Revolution

Amplus is taking substantial strides in powering Tamil Nadu’s wind energy revolution. The 108 MW wind power project, due to be commissioned by August 2024, symbolizes the state’s commitment to tapping into the wealth bestowed by nature, as mentioned in Amory Lovins’ quote.

Impact on India’s Renewable Energy Landscape

This project has the potential to make a substantial impact on India’s renewable energy landscape. It signifies the growing emphasis on wind power and the role it plays in the country’s energy mix. It also encourages other companies to explore similar wind power projects, accelerating India’s shift towards renewable energy.

The Role of Firstgreen Consulting

As India moves forward on its renewable energy journey, expert consultation is crucial. Firstgreen Consulting, with its extensive experience in renewable energy projects, can provide valuable insights and strategies to facilitate the successful implementation of such ambitious initiatives.


In conclusion, the partnership between Amplus and GE Vernova for a 108 MW wind power project in Tamil Nadu represents a significant step forward in India’s renewable energy journey. With the support of consultancies like Firstgreen Consulting, this venture serves to underline India’s commitment to harnessing wind power, echoing Amory Lovins’ sentiment about the wealth that wind energy represents.

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