Andhra Pradesh: Kadiyam is SCR’s 1st solar-powered rly stn

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Vijayawada: In a first, Kadiyam station in Rajahmundry earned the rare distinction of being the first energy neutral station in the South Central Railway Zone by meeting all its electrical demands through solar energy. This has been accomplished by the installation of a 10KWp ON-Grid Solar power plant on the roof with bi-directional net-metering.
The entire electrical load of the station works on the 10KWp solar power plant during the day and excess units generated from the plant are fed to discom (distribution companies) through net-metering.
Similarly, during night, the power requirement of the building is taken from discoms which will be deducted from energy supplied to discom during day, hence the energy consumption charges paid is zero from the railways. Officials said that this solar plant is also resulting in the reduction of 14.7 tonnes of carbon footprint per annum.

Source: Economic Times

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