Antigua and Barbuda Solar Power Plant Inaugurated

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The Government of Caribbean islands Antigua and Barbuda together with the UK-based clean energy provider PV Energy Limited officially inaugurated the 3 MWp solar power plant at the V C Bird International Airport of Antigua. The sun2live solar plant installation at the V C Bird International Airport, Antigua, developed and constructed by PV Energy Limited, plays a pivotal role in the clean energy strategy for Antigua and Barbuda. More than 12,000 top-tier polycrystalline photovoltaic panels generate up to 4,645 MWh per year and therefore save a substantial 3,019.50 tonnes of CO2 emissions during the same period and thus contribute to the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of the twin island state.

“The use of renewable energy sources shows the commitment of Antigua and Barbuda to defend and promote the values of sustainable development, to protect and respect the environment, and to preserve it for future generations. We are proud to support the Prime Minister’s supreme vision of creating a greener environment. With this pioneering project, Antigua and Barbuda will set an example for the whole of the region”, said Mr Peter Virdee, Chairman of PV Energy Limited. The 3 MWp solar power plant at the V C Bird International Airport is the first step on the path towards environmental sustainability on the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda, and further steps have already been initiated. Another PV solar power plant with a total capacity of 4 MWp will be installed in the Bethesda area on Antigua, as well as a 1 MWp solar power plant on the neighbouring island Barbuda, which will be soon installed by PV Energy Limited.


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