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108 halfcell monocrystalline

  • The advantages:

    • 15 years Manufacturer‘s warranty
    • 100 % visual electroluminescence inspection in production
    • High stability due to innovative frame design
    • High quality junction box and connector systems
    • 15 years Manufacturer‘s warranty
    • Guaranteed positive power tolerance from 0-5 Wp by individual measurement
    • High module performance through Half-Cut-technology and selected materials

Exclusive linear AXITEC high performance

  • 15 years manufacturer‘s guarantee on 90 % of the nominal performance
  • 25 years manufacturer‘s guarantee on 85 % of the nominal performance

For years AXITEC has been one of the most established global brands of solar modules and energy storages. The core competence comprises the complete process chain for solar modules and energy storages from development and manufacturing through quality assurance to sales and service.

They are known for:

  • 20 years of experience
  • Installed AXITEC solar modules in 70 countries of  2715 MWh capacity
  • 15 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • High performance solar module
  • High performance & quality:

    AXITEC guarantees for a period of 15 years, that solar modules from our AC series are free from deficiencies relating to the material and workmanship. This is based on the use of high-quality materials and constant quality checking during and after production. For years, AXITEC customers have been relying on the high quality and performance standards.

  • AXITEC’S linear performance guarantee: 

    High quality means high performance. Our quality system functions throughout the world and we can guarantee our customers more performance – and this even on an exact annual basis. You as a customer have the assurance, that the yield of your solar system is protected for a period of 25 years.

    After the first year, AXITEC guarantees a performance of 97% of the original nominal capacity followed by a maximum output reduction of 0.5% per subsequent year. Consequently, at the end of the 25-year period, you as a customer have a performance guarantee of at least 85% of the original nominal capacity.

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