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BEE has rated the various electrical appliances used in various building based on their energy efficiency.

The BEE Star Rating scheme was launched by the Hon’ble Minister of Power in May,2006.

The star rating is a measure of energy efficiency of an appliance.

 it is five points scale where higher the rating lower is the energy consumption and hence better savings.

The appliances with the lowest energy consumption in a product category are given the most stars and those with the highest energy consumption are given the least.

There are two variants of these labels.

  1. Big label:

Applicable for appliances which have a constant usage and consume more electricity.

These labels show additional information such as the yearly energy consumption of the product, brand name, product category and much more.

It allows you to calculate the actual money you would spend in electricity bills for that particular product.

Products with a big label: Refrigerators, air-conditioners, geysers and washing machines.

2. Small Label:

It is for appliances which usually don’t consume more energy.

Just provides visual representation of the energy consumption levels by showing star ratings.

Products with a small label: Ceiling fans, tube lights, computers/laptops and televisions.

BEE STAR RATING  is currently applicable for appliances like –

Room Air Conditioner ( Inverter AC, Split AC , Windows AC), Ceiling Fan, Colour Television, Computer, Direct Cool Refrigerator, Distribution Transformer, Diesel Engine Driven Mono set pumps For Agricultural Purposes, Frost Free Refrigerator, General Purpose Industrial Motor, Monoset Pump, Openwell Submersible Pump Set, Stationary Type Water Heater, Submersible Pump Set, Tfl, Room Air Conditioner (Variable Speed), Chillers, Washing Machine, Ballast, Solid State Inverter, Printer, Diesel Generator Set, Led Lamps, Domestic Gas Stove, Office Automation Products, Agricultural Pumpset etc.

 BEE has introduced a new star rating methodology for air conditioners manufactured and sold in India starting 1st January 2018, it is called Indian seasonal energy efficient ratio or ISEER this defined the energy efficiency of cooling.

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