Comparative Analysis: LCA Add-in Tools One Click LCA vs. Tally for Sustainable Projects

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In an era where sustainability is paramount, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools are transforming architectural ventures. These instruments synchronize Building Information Modeling (BIM) with environmental considerations, empowering stakeholders to quantify a building’s ecological impact. Herein, we delve into a side-by-side evaluation of One Click LCA and Tally to illustrate their capabilities for standard projects.

Table: One Click LCA vs. Tally – A Detailed Comparison

Feature Category One Click LCA Tally
Workset Focus Selected Components Only Filtered Workset
Analyzed Components Ceilings, Curtain Panels, Floors, Roof, and Structural Components Ceilings, Curtain Walls, Floors, Roof, Stairs and Railings, and Structural Components
LCA Standards EN 19578 ISO 14040/44 – TRACI 2.1
LCA Type Full Building Assessment Full Building Assessment
Revit Integration Automated Automated
Material Mapping 95% Tool-driven 100% Manual
Project Phase Developed & Existing Stages Not Specified
Building Framework Concrete Frame Not Available
Material Scope Structure Not Specified
Building Life Expectancy 50 Years 50 Years
Database Source Global EPDs GaBi 6 – North American
Transport Data Nordic Default North American Default
Local Adherence Swedish Adaptations Not Available
BTA Metrics 19072 m2 19072 m2
Model Compatibility Revit Architecture Revit Architecture
Report Format Web Interface + Excel PDF + Excel

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To summarize, the choice between One Click LCA and Tally depends heavily on individual project stipulations. Each software boasts a tailored palette of features, ensuring thorough LCA examinations and fostering informed, eco-friendly architectural determinations. And with visionary entities like Firstgreen Consulting championing the cause, the horizon of sustainable construction is radiant and promising.

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