Educational Institutions Most Open to Solar Power

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Data released by power DISCOMS reveal educational institutions in the Capital to be most receptive to green energy. Power major BSES has announced that its rooftop ‘net metering’ initiative for solar energy has got a major push in the Capital with as many as 113 projects generating over 4,600 kW of energy. A BSES spokesperson said that the domestic category saw the largest number of net metering connections, while educational institutions category had the largest net metering load.

Apart from this, over 20 solar net metering projects with a cumulative sanctioned load of over 800 kW are under various stages of commissioning at the consumers’ end. As many as 26 schools and educational institutes have opted for it,” the official added.

According to the data released, the rooftop solar energy potential in the BSES area is in excess of 250–300 MW. Net metering involves setting up rooftop solar panels and producing power for selfconsumption, while the surplus can be sold to the DISCOMS at rates approved by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC).


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