IBC MONOSOL 365, 370, 375 OS9-HC

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Monocrystalline Solar Module


25 year power and 10 year product warranty

Positive power tolerance (–0/+3%)

Increased mechanical stability (5400 Pa)

German warrantor

100% tested quality

Improved shadowing management thanks to half-cut-technology

IBC SOLAR AG has had a successful presence in the photovoltaic market for more than 35 years and is one of the leading interna- tional energy companies providing high-performance system so- lutions in every size and for every application with intelligent pho- tovoltaic systems. The economic strength and financial independence is confirmed by globally recognised rating agencies.

Smart Systems for Solar Power thanks to perfectly matched com- ponents. More than 1,000 highly qualified partners around the world, as well as more than 4,200 megawatts of installed power, which supply around 2 million people with solar power, underline the high level of expertise of IBC SOLAR.

IBC SOLAR – leading PV system integrator from Germany since 1982.

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