India’s Soaring Developments in Floating Solar PV: A Journey Towards Sustainable Power Generation

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India, a country rich in natural resources, is embracing the revolutionary concept of Floating Solar PV (Photovoltaics). Its drive towards creating a sustainable future is demonstrated through its widespread adoption and innovative development of this cutting-edge renewable energy technology.

Understanding Floating Solar PV and its Importance

Floating Solar PV, as the name suggests, involves the installation of solar panels on water bodies. This is a paradigm shift from traditional ground-mounted solar systems. It has unlocked potential power generation opportunities on water surfaces, allowing for optimal utilization of otherwise non-productive areas. Furthermore, it prevents land acquisition challenges, making it a preferred option for large-scale solar power generation.

Floating Solar PV and Hydropower: A Powerful Duo

When integrated with hydropower, Floating Solar PV presents substantial benefits across varying time scales. This unique combination results in lower generator operation costs and reduced gas-fired generation cycling at the daily scale. It also optimizes the use of water resources on a seasonal scale. By marrying these two renewable technologies, India is witnessing significant strides in its quest for a sustainable future.

Top Floating Solar Projects in India: Pioneering Renewable Energy Transition

The recent surge in India’s floating solar projects is a testament to the country’s commitment towards greener energy alternatives. Here are some of the prominent ones:

NTPC Floating Solar Plant Ramagundam (100 MW)

Located in the Telangana state, the NTPC Floating Solar Plant at Ramagundam is a marvel of modern engineering. It serves as an epitome of advanced technology, marrying eco-friendliness with power generation.

NTPC Floating Solar Plant Kayamkulam (92 MW)

The NTPC Kayamkulam floating solar plant in Kerala is another example of India’s renewable energy prowess. This initiative is contributing significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions in the region.

Rihand Dam Floating Solar Power Plant (50 MW)

The Rihand Dam Floating Solar Power Plant is a milestone in India’s renewable energy sector. This joint venture of NTPC and UPNEDA is addressing the power demand in Uttar Pradesh, while also helping the state reduce its carbon footprint.

Simhadri Floating Solar PV Project (25 MW)

The Simhadri Floating Solar PV Project is an embodiment of NTPC’s commitment towards renewable energy development in India. This project is a stepping stone in India’s journey towards becoming a global leader in floating solar technology.

2 MW Floating Solar Power Plant at Chandigarh

This project, the 2 MW Floating Solar Power Plant at Chandigarh, is an impressive example of innovative engineering in North India. By installing solar panels on a water reservoir, this project provides renewable energy and contributes to water conservation.

9.8 MW Floating Solar Installation at Kochi Refinery of BPCL

The recent 9.8 MW Floating Solar Installation at the Kochi Refinery of BPCL is a landmark project in India’s renewable energy landscape. This project further underscores the expertise of Firstgreen Consulting, the project management consultant for the endeavor.

Firstgreen Consulting: Driving Sustainability

Firstgreen Consulting stands at the forefront of sustainability initiatives in India. This leading firm specializes in solar, wind, and energy storage technologies, and provides comprehensive consulting services that cater to project life cycle needs. They play a pivotal role in aiding businesses transition to cleaner energy alternatives. Through their extensive research in the field of renewables and energy efficiency, they aim to combat climate change effectively. Their strategies involve optimizing energy utilization, reducing carbon footprints, and aiding in the achievement of sustainability goals for their clients.


India’s adoption and development of Floating Solar PV technology signify its dedication to create a sustainable and green future. With the integration of this technology with hydropower, the country is set to revolutionize its renewable energy sector. The pivotal role of Firstgreen Consulting in this transformative journey further reinforces their commitment to drive India’s transition towards renewable energy and combat climate change effectively.

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