LEED CERTIFICATION- LT Credit: High Priority Site

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To encourage project location in areas with development constraints and promote the health of the surrounding area, LEED has introduced this credit.

Total no. of Possible Points –     (1-2)

Credit Applies to –

New Construction (8–16 points), Core & Shell (8–20 points), Schools (8–15 points), Retail (8–16 points), Data Centres (8–16 points), Warehouses & Distribution Centres (8–16 points), Hospitality (8–16 points) & Healthcare (5–9 points)


Option 1. Historic District (1 point BD&C except Core and Shell, 2 points Core and Shell)

Locate the project on an infill location in a historic district. AND/OR

Option 2. Priority Designation (1 point BD&C except Core and Shell, 2 points Core and Shell)

Locate the project on one of the following:a site listed by the EPA National Priorities List;

  • a Federal Promise Zone;
  • a Qualified Opportunity Zone;a Department of the Treasury Community Development Financial Institutions Fund Qualified Low- Income Community (a subset of the New Markets Tax Credit Program);
  • a site in a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Qualified Census Tract (QCT) or Difficult Development Area (DDA); or


  • a local equivalent program administered at the national level for projects outside the U.S.


Option 3. Brownfield Remediation (2 points BD&C except Core and Shell, 3 points Core and Shell)

Locate on a brownfield where soil or groundwater contamination has been identified, and

where the local, state, or national authority (whichever has jurisdiction) requires its remediation.

Perform remediation to the satisfaction of that authority.