LEED CERTIFICATION- Requirements for LT Credit: Neighbourhood Development Location

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LEED in its Green Building rating system v4.1 has put special emphasis on the development of the neighbourhood location of the project that has to be certified from Green building Certification. The intent to do so is –

  • To avoid development on inappropriate sites.
  • To reduce vehicle distance traveled.
  • To enhance livability and improve human health by encouraging daily physical activity.

Total no. of Possible Points –     5-20

Credit Applies to – New Construction (8–16 points), Core & Shell (8–20 points), Schools (8–15 points), Retail (8–16 points), Data Centres (8–16 points), Warehouses & Distribution Centres (8–16 points), Hospitality (8–16 points) & Healthcare (5–9 points)


Locate the project within the boundary of a development certified under LEED for Neighborhood Development (Stage 2 or Stage 3 under the Pilot or v2009 rating systems, Certified Plan or Certified Built Project under the LEED v4 rating system).

Note- Projects attempting this credit are not eligible to earn points under other Location and Transportation credits.

Table 1. Points for LEED ND location.

  Certification level   Points BD&C   Points BD&C (Core and Shell)   Points BD&C (Schools) Points BD&C (Healthcare)
Certified 8 8 8 5
Silver 10 12 10 6
Gold 12 16 12 7
Platinum 16 20 15 9