MNRE Launches subsidy programmes For Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Projects in Jammu and Kashmir

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The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has launched the subsidy program for installation of solar rooftop plants by individual residential, institutions and social sector category (as per MNRE guidelines) through Jammu And Kashmir Energy Development Agency (JAKEDA) tender of Grid connected rooftop solar program.

In this tender, the MNRE clarifies that subsidy under the grid-connected rooftop solar program will be available to all eligible households, institution and social sector category (as per MNRE guidelines) for installation of rooftop solar as per regulations of respective Jammu and Kashmir State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) and provisions of program implementation guidelines.

According to the MNRE, the current subsidy for all eligible households, institution and social sector category (as per MNRE guidelines) is up to 70% of price approved per kWp by the JAKEDA. MNRE subsidy for different capacity are given below table:

Capacity 1 kW-10 kW >10 kW-100 kW >100 kW-500 kW
JAKEDA approved rate as per Rate Contract Rs 56440/KWp Rs 52330/KWp Rs 44370/KWp
MNRE Subsidy* Rs 37800/KWp Rs 33600/KWp Rs 30849/KWp
Beneficiary Cost Rs 18640/KWp Rs 18730/KWp Rs 13221/KWp

Note: – Subsidy is available to institutions registered as Non-For-Profit schools’, colleges, hospitals, trusts, social organisations and domestic consumers only.

The growth in the residential rooftop solar segment has been slow, and to address this, the MNRE recently issued operational guidelines to implement the second phase of its grid-connected rooftop solar photovoltaic program. Under the program, 5 MW grid-connected rooftop solar projects would be set up in Jammu and Kashmir for which DISCOMs and its local nodal agency will be responsible for the implementation of the program.