myPV ClearSky Interconnection

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We wanted better solutions, so we built them.

Solar Operations Solutions, LLC (Solar-Ops) has been involved in over 3GW of commercial-industrial and utility-scale PV solar development, construction, and commissioning. Over the past decade, we have encountered the same challenges you do, and we were simply not satisfied with the solutions available on the market.

While many products only focus on low cost to satisfy construction budgets, we take a longer term view. If PV Solar and ESS facilities are going to serve the grid as generators of reliable power, providing the services and conveniences of modern society, then reliability and resiliency need to be prioritized.

So, how can we improve the existing AND provide long term reliability while lowering operating expenses?

We accept this challenge as an opportunity to invent and build technical solutions – the myPV brand of hardware and software. We also continuously evaluate how these components impact long term ownership.

Product Description

Your Modularized Interconnection

The myPV ClearSky Interconnection is a ready-to-work appliance that provides revenue-grade metering, protection relaying (e.g. recloser), and a built-in Remote Interface that ensures you never miss a single minute of reporting and data recording.

Not your typical pad-mount gear. myPV ClearSky™ has brains and brawn.

Inverter skids, trackers, bifacial modules, and now a fully-modularized interconnection to help accelerate the deployment of reliable high-yield solar.

myPV ClearSky™ sets a new, higher standard for interconnection in the utility-scale PV solar industry. In addition to being affordable, myPV ClearSky™ brings tremendous value to everyone involved – from planning through construction and into commercial operation.

A turnkey product that is tested before arriving on your site, myPV ClearSky™ is 100% ready to work. PLUS, it is not just hardware. The powerful built-in myPV ClearSky™ Remote Interface elevates the ClearSky’s advantage by delivering the ability to commission your solar site in hours, not weeks.


Eliminate the risks of complicated sourcing, expensive overhead corrections, and weather delays by modularizing your next interconnection. Factory
quality-controlled assembly and testing ensures long-term, high-availability service life. The myPV ClearSky Interconnection has been designed to meet the unique requirements of PV and PV+Storage projects. Arriving ready-to-run, the ClearSky is 100% operational from the moment back-feed is available, including built-in support for commissioning and witness testing activities.

The myPV ClearSky Interconnection helps your project achieve commercial operation faster, de-risking the interconnection process.

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