Save water- opt for solar robotic cleaning today..

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As the solar installations are getting a larger size, the quantum of water used for PV module cleaning is becoming unsustainable. Typically we spend about 2 liters of water to clean a PV module, which translates to about 6000 Liter of water per MW per cleaning cycle. In desert areas water availability is scarce and uncleaned modules lead to revenue losses to the solar developers. In some of the projects, water is transported through tractors to the project sites and water cost in O&M contributes to about 30% of the total O&M cost.

Robotic cleaning of solar Modules

This is the time to go for dry-cleaning of solar panels. Recently many companies have come up with solar robotic solutions which are predominantly waterless systems. Every MW of installation we can save about 150,000 Litre of water for cleaning modules that are potable water. Firstgreen offers solar robotic system deployment at zero upfront cost to the solar developers. We work on a shared savings model.

Our robotic cleaning systems are energy independent and have dedicated solar panels to charge the Li-ion batteries on the cleaning robots. The cleaning robots are using self-cleaning brush technology and the microfiber used in cleaning brushes are not causing any scratches on your solar panels. Firstgreen uses module cleaning robotic solutions from top suppliers around the world to ensure the best cleaning performance. Our robots can fit into the nay type of solar mounting structures.
Our robotic solutions are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions extreme temperatures, high winds, and able to clean any type of dust from the solar panels.