Smart Electrification in Residential Sector: Harnessing the Power of Aggregator Platforms

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As we march towards a sustainable future, it’s not just about adopting energy-efficient appliances; it’s also about how we can smartly manage the energy we use. Enter smart electrification, a concept that promises to revolutionize the way we consume electricity in our homes. It’s an idea that has been elegantly implemented by tiko, a Swiss startup, and provides us with a case study on the power of aggregator platforms.

Tiko: Europe’s Largest Virtual Power Plant

Tiko has demonstrated the power of smart electrification with more than 7,000 households, creating what is now the largest virtual power plant in Europe. They have done this by aggregating various electrical appliances, such as refrigerators and heat pumps, owned by numerous customers.

The company’s digital platform controls these appliances to shift or reduce the peak demand, thereby providing valuable flexibility to the grid. By shifting the usage of these appliances to times of lower demand, tiko reduces the strain on the grid during peak times, and importantly, reduces energy bills for users.

Integrating Private Electricity Generation

However, tiko’s platform doesn’t stop at just managing electricity usage. It also integrates the power consumption of appliances with private electricity generation, such as rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems. By coupling energy consumption with energy generation, the platform ensures that the power produced by households doesn’t go to waste and is used when it is most beneficial. This approach not only leads to further reductions in energy bills but also promotes the adoption of renewable energy solutions.


The example of tiko represents the significant potential of smart electrification in the residential sector. By aggregating the power usage of thousands of households, tiko has managed to create a flexible, efficient system that benefits both the power grid and the end-users. It’s a testament to how technology can help us make the most of our resources and move towards a more sustainable future.

Firstgreen Consulting is enthusiastic about the opportunities that smart electrification presents. We are eager to support similar initiatives and believe that aggregator platforms like tiko will play a significant role in our energy future. They offer a glimpse into how we can transform our households from mere consumers of electricity into active participants in our energy ecosystem. By doing so, we can build a more sustainable, resilient, and efficient energy future for us all.

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