Solar energized government schools saving electricity

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As computer labs and other ICT equipments becoming inseparable part of teaching–learning process, stable and regular supply of electricity plays a critical role in effective schooling. In Punjab, where summer spreads around 7-8 months, hefty electricity bills also pose a big challenge for schools. The scorching sun on the other side provides ample scope of sunlight throughout the year thus making the purpose of installation of rooftop solar panels, viable in Punjab.

The process of installation of solar panel system in 880 government high and senior secondary schools has already been started, which would be expected to complete by 30th June, 2020.

Punjab Government is planning that excess solar energy generated by the schools can be transferred back to grid via net metering, thereby enabling the school to earn revenue and plough back such revenue for effective schooling. Installing solar panel enables schools to run on eco-friendly energy while at the same time reduces electricity bills of schools. Solar energy is stable and comparatively economical as compared to other sources of energy.

(The above content has been received from the Punjab Government under The Tribune Space Marketing Initiative)