Solar panels proposed for common grazing land at Tain

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Solar panels
The renewable energy project is still in its early stages

Highland Council has proposed installing solar panels on an area of public land available for raising livestock in Easter Ross.

The local authority said the plan is for 13 acres (5Ha) of common good grazing land at Blarliath near Tain.

The renewable energy scheme would require investment from the council and using the land for at least 25 years.

An eight-week public consultation has started on the proposal.

Gordon Adam, chairman of Highland Council’s commercial board, said: “The proposal represents real potential for Highland Council and Tain Common Good Fund to generate income, and to reduce carbon emissions. 

“Both of these are key priorities for Highland Council.”

He added: “At this stage, however, I want to stress that it is only a proposal, and we will be carefully listening to all responses to the consultation before making any decision.”

Source: BCC News