Solar PV and the Future of Global Power Generation: Trends and Projections

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 “The sun is the only safe nuclear reactor, situated as it is some ninety-three million miles away.” – Stephanie Mills

As we grapple with the challenges of meeting the world’s ever-growing energy demand while combating climate change, solar photovoltaic (PV) technology emerges as a beacon of hope. With its clean and renewable attributes, solar PV has the potential to revolutionize the future of global power generation. In this article, we will explore the latest trends and projections for solar PV and its role in shaping a sustainable energy landscape. Additionally, we will highlight Firstgreen Consulting’s expertise in solar projects and its contributions to a greener tomorrow.

The Global Shift towards Solar PV:

In recent years, solar PV has witnessed unprecedented growth worldwide, becoming one of the fastest-growing sources of electricity generation. Several factors have contributed to this global shift towards solar PV:

  1. Declining Costs:

Technological advancements, economies of scale, and streamlined manufacturing processes have significantly reduced the cost of solar PV installations. As a result, solar power has become more affordable and competitive compared to traditional fossil fuel-based electricity generation.

  1. Environmental Awareness:

Heightened awareness about the adverse environmental impacts of fossil fuels, coupled with the urgency to address climate change, and has led to a surge in renewable energy adoption, with solar PV at the forefront.

  1. Supportive Policies:

Many countries have implemented favourable policies and incentives to promote solar PV deployment. These include feed-in tariffs, tax credits, net metering, and renewable energy targets, fostering a conducive environment for solar energy growth.

Trends and Projections for Solar PV:

The following trends and projections highlight the immense potential of solar PV in shaping the global power generation landscape:

  1. Capacity Addition:

According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) projections, the global solar PV capacity is expected to grow by over 600 gigawatts (GW) in the next five years, surpassing other forms of renewable energy additions.

Table 1: Global Solar PV Capacity Projections (in GW)

YearProjected Capacity
2025> 1,300
2030> 2,000
2040> 4,000
Global Solar PV Capacity Projections (in GW)
  1. Solar in Emerging Markets:

Emerging economies are set to play a significant role in the expansion of solar PV. Countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa are witnessing a surge in solar installations, driven by economic development, population growth, and sustainable energy goals.

Table 2: Top Emerging Markets for Solar PV Capacity (2023-2030)

CountryProjected Capacity (GW)
South Africa20-30
Top Emerging Markets for Solar PV Capacity (2023-2030)
  1. Building-Integrated PV (BIPV):

As building design trends focus on sustainability, BIPV systems are gaining traction. Solar PV incorporated into building facades, windows, and roofs not only generates electricity but also enhances energy efficiency and aesthetics.

  1. Floating Solar PV:

With the scarcity of land in densely populated regions, floating solar PV installations on water bodies, such as reservoirs and lakes, offer an innovative solution. These installations not only generate clean energy but also reduce evaporation and algae growth in water bodies.

Table 3: Advantages of Floating Solar PV

Utilizes underutilized water bodiesMakes use of reservoirs, lakes, and other water bodies with minimal environmental impact
Higher energy generationCooler environment on the water surface enhances the performance of solar panels
Reduced land requirementsHelps save valuable land resources, particularly in densely populated areas
Decreased evaporation and algae growthShading effect of solar panels reduces evaporation, and reduced light penetration inhibits algae
Advantages of Floating Solar PV
Annual Global solar PV additions are expected to reach to 270 GW in 2030 and 372 GW in 2050
under the REmap scenario, compared with 94 GW in 2018

Firstgreen Consulting:

Leading the Solar Revolution: In the journey towards a sustainable energy future, Firstgreen Consulting has emerged as a trusted advisor and expert in solar projects. With its in-depth knowledge, experience, and commitment to renewable energy, Firstgreen Consulting offers a range of specialized services:

  1. Technical Expertise: Firstgreen Consulting provides comprehensive technical assessments, including site analysis, solar resource assessment, and system design optimization. This ensures the efficient and effective implementation of solar PV projects.
  2. Financial Modelling and Analysis: The Company conducts rigorous financial modelling and analysis, considering investment costs, revenue streams, and return on investment (ROI). This helps clients make informed decisions and secure financing for their solar projects.
  3. Policy and Regulatory Support: Firstgreen Consulting navigates the complex policy and regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance and maximizing incentives. Their expertise helps clients take advantage of favourable government schemes and achieve regulatory compliance.
  4. Project Management: Firstgreen Consulting offers end-to-end project management, from planning and procurement to construction oversight and commissioning. Their streamlined approach ensures timely execution and successful project completion.


Solar PV is poised to play a transformative role in the future of global power generation. With declining costs, favourable policies, and growing awareness about sustainability, solar PV installations continue to proliferate. As the world embraces renewable energy, Firstgreen Consulting stands as a trusted partner, leveraging its expertise to drive the solar revolution. Through their comprehensive services and commitment to excellence, Firstgreen Consulting is at the forefront of empowering clients and communities to embrace solar energy and build a cleaner and greener future.


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