Solar rooftop PPA case study-500 KWp solar roofotp at Guwahati Medical College & Hospitals

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A 500 kWp solar power plant was installed at Guwahati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) roof, which started supplying electricity to the GMCH campus in April 2019.  It is the largest rooftop solar plant in the City of Guwahati. The plant is expected to generate over 7 Lac electricity units to GMCH. THe net metering provisions have also been made in the campus to inject the surplus electricity in the grid. 

  • Annual Generation: 700,000 kWh/year
  • 500 KWp installed capacity
  • CO2 reduction: 690000 kg per year
  • Date of commissioning: 1st April 2019
  • Location: GUwahati Medical College and Hospital


The installation was done on the metal roof as well as on the flat roof. THe roof loading was a major concern in the installation  system design.

All the module mounting structures used are aluminum, thereby reducing the load on the roof significantly. The aluminum structure-based design puts a load of 20-25 kg/sq.m. on the roof, compared to ~70kg/sq.m. for conventional steel structure design. The system was designed to meet the life of the project for 25 years. Guwahati faces high wind speeds hence the system was designed to withstand a highest wind speed of 150 km/hr. The plant used best in class tehcnology for PV modules and inverters. 

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