Solar Town Installs First Commercial Net-Metered Solar Rooftop System at Bombay Presidency Radio Club

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SolarTown Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd (SolarTown) has installed a 41 kW net-metered solar rooftop system at the historic Bombay Presidency Radio Club. The Radio Club is now the first commercial establishment in Mumbai to have a net-metered solar PV system installed on its building. This will enable the Radio Club to sell its excess electricity back to the grid under Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) and further reduce its utility bill. The Radio Club is estimated to save more than `850,000 annually from its new solar system. The Radio Club entered into a no upfront cost, 25-year lease agreement with SolarTown at a rate that is 35–40 per cent lower than their utility tariff. The installed system delivers clean power at a fixed cost over the length of the lease and includes maintenance services. The rooftop system will offset 20 per cent of their grid energy consumption and more than 1,189 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the lifetime of the solar installation.