State to Improve Energy Efficiency in Industries

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Government to focus on PAT scheme to tap potential for power saving in the energy-intensive sector

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), a statutory body of the Union Ministry of Power, has advised all the State governments to take an active part in the Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme with due focus on tapping the potential for energy savings in the industrial sector which is energy-intensive.

Accordingly, the Andhra Pradesh government is striving to improve energy efficiency in industries by trading in the energy-efficiency certificates.

The BEE mentioned in a note to the States that the cumulative energy savings in the industries sector could reach 165 Mtoe (Million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent) worth ₹1.80 lakh crore by year 2030 with the implementation of the PAT scheme.

It was stated in a press release that in a communication to Energy Secretary N. Srikant, BEE Director General Abhay Bhakre said industrial sector alone was consuming 40% of total energy in India and it was expected to reach 443.4 Mtoe by 2031 against the present total energy consumption of 347 Mtoe.

Lead role for A.P.

Mr. Bhakre observed that the energy-efficiency measures would help in reducing electricity usage and lower the per-unit production cost leading to higher profits and ultimately boost industrial growth in the country.

The BEE requested the State to play a lead role in implementing the PAT scheme keeping in view its huge untapped potential for energy savings and the State’s track record on the energy-efficiency front.

source- THE HINDU