sustainable development need of the hour

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The District Library, in collaboration with NGO Sanjhi Chaan, held a seminar on sustainable development and self reliance, based on Mahatma Gandhi’s principles. The seminar was held in the Bachat Bhawan. As many as 45 delegates from different organisations attended the seminar, including a special address by TV Narayanan from Kerala Sasthra Sahitya Parishad. MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla too was the special guest at the seminar. 

Addressing the need for sustainable development, keeping in mind the sensitivity of ecological balance, MP Gurjeet Aujla said planned development that does not hinder nature is the way ahead. “We need to maintain the balance with nature. Amritsar, being an international tourist destination, needs to be developed in a way that doesn’t hamper its heritage as well as natural surroundings. Apart from the government-led efforts, civil society and individual citizens too have to bear the responsibility of working towards the conservation of nature.”

Experts, including agriculturists and horticulturists, stressed on the techniques of water conservation and improving agriculture practices to ensure that the soil is not polluted with chemicals.