40kW Solar Plant for Eco-Tourism Project Inaugurated

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PSU energy firm Oil India has inaugurated a 40 kW solar power plant, which will supply electricity to an eco-tourism project in Dibrugarh district. Utpal Bora, Chairman and Managing Director, Oil India Limited, inaugurated a 40 kW solar power plant in Sasoni Merbeel Eco-Tourism Project, which has been provided by OIL under the company’s CSR initiatives.

OIL had sanctioned a financial package of one crore, which included assistance to the solar power plant, 13 pedal boats, a four-wheeler, two eco-friendly green vehicles, construction of jetty and a bio-digester plant for sewage disposal. Complementing Sasoni Merbeel Eco Tourism Development Committee for its efforts in conservation of the Merbeel, Bora said that OIL was always committed to such meaningful environment preservation and community development initiatives.

The Sasoni Merbeel EcoTourism Project is located in the heart of the operational area of OIL, around 20 km from its field headquarters at Duliajan in Dibrugarh.

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