A Critical Examination of India’s New Renewable Purchase Obligations

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India’s Ministry of Power has recently unveiled its revised Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) guidelines, a pivotal move aimed at bolstering the country’s transition towards sustainable energy. However, a critical examination of these guidelines reveals a blend of ambition and adaptability, coupled with a few areas that might require further clarity and refinement.

  1. Incremental Targets: A Stepping Stone or a Stumbling Block? The document meticulously outlines yearly RPO targets, showing a gradual increase over the years. While this incremental approach signifies a strategic move towards achieving sustainability goals, it also raises questions about the practicality and achievability of these targets, given the current infrastructure and technological advancements.
  2. Diversity in Renewable Sources: A Well-rounded Approach? The guidelines exhibit a commitment to diversifying renewable energy sources, splitting obligations between solar and non-solar energies. This approach seems promising as it doesn’t put all eggs in one basket, but it also necessitates a robust framework to manage and optimize different energy sources effectively.
  3. State-Specific Adjustments: Flexibility or Complexity? The document hints at the possibility of state-specific adjustments. While this flexibility is commendable for accommodating regional disparities in renewable energy potential, it might also introduce complexities and inconsistencies in the implementation of RPOs across different states.
  4. Carry Forwards and Adjustments: A Safety Net or a Loophole? The guidelines allow for carry forwards and adjustments in RPO targets. This provision seems like a practical approach to managing uncertainties, but it could also be perceived as a loophole that might dilute the urgency of meeting the obligations.
  5. Clarity and Transparency: Are We There Yet? While the document provides a structured outline of the RPOs, there might be room for improving clarity and transparency, ensuring that the guidelines are easily interpretable and actionable for all stakeholders involved.

Summary Table of Annual RPO Targets to the Designated Consumers:


The new RPO guidelines reflect a thoughtful strategy towards promoting renewable energy in India. However, a critical perspective suggests that there might be areas that could benefit from further refinement to ensure effective and consistent implementation across the diverse landscapes of the country.

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