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Modular high voltage storage

The expert for home ownership and e-mobility
Due to its modular design and simple installation, the AXIstorage Li SH is ideally suited for homes and users with a maximum demand of 15 kWh. Latest technology for maximum independence and maximum service life.

With an AXIstorage Li SH electricity storage system, every owner of a solar installation can already enjoy a high degree of independence from the electricity supplier.

The Axistorage-Li SH with modular system
AXIstorage Li SH is currently available with a usable energy of 7.5 – 15 kWh, depending on the degree of expansion with energy packs of 2.5 kWh each.

For years AXITEC has been one of the most established global brands of solar modules and energy storages. The core competence comprises the complete process chain for solar modules and energy storages from development and manufacturing through quality assurance to sales and service.


  • 7,5 – 15 kWh useable capacity depending on the
    ordered degree of expansion with Energypacks
    each 2,5 kWh
  • Flexible confi guration:
    up to max. 15 kWh useable capacity On-Grid
  • Permanent charging performance of up to 30 A
    Permanent discharge performance of up to 30 A
  • Up to 20 years of life time due to an optimized cooling system
  • 10 years of time value replacement Years warranty
  • Handy sized Energypack with only 22 kg 22 kg weight