“BPCL and BARC’s Joint Venture: Pioneering Green Hydrogen Through Alkaline Electrolyzer Technology”

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In the realm of green energy, innovation is the linchpin that drives us forward. A shining example of this principle in action is the recent collaboration between Bharat Petroleum Corp (BPCL) and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) to scale up alkaline electrolyzer technology for green hydrogen production.

BPCL: Fueling the Future with Green Hydrogen

As one of India’s largest oil and gas companies, BPCL has always been at the forefront of energy production. Now, the company is making strides in the realm of green hydrogen, setting ambitious plans to build about 1 MW electrolyzer manufacturing capacity in India by 2025.

BARC’s Pioneering Alkaline Electrolyzer Technology

Central to this endeavor is the cutting-edge alkaline electrolyzer technology developed by BARC. This technology offers an efficient and cost-effective method to produce green hydrogen, a renewable energy source, further reinforcing India’s commitment to a sustainable future.

The Power of Collaboration

The partnership between BPCL and BARC epitomizes the power of collaboration in driving technological advancements. By pooling resources, expertise, and technologies, this alliance stands to make a significant impact on the scalability of green hydrogen production in India.

What is Alkaline Electrolyzer Technology?

Alkaline electrolyzer technology is a process used to produce hydrogen gas from water. It utilizes an electric current to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, a process known as electrolysis. By using this technology, BPCL aims to ramp up its green hydrogen production significantly.

Implications for India’s Energy Landscape

This venture holds promising implications for India’s energy landscape. By bolstering green hydrogen production, it brings the country one step closer to a more sustainable, low-carbon future. Moreover, it sets a powerful precedent for other companies in the sector to embrace renewable technologies.

The Role of Firstgreen Consulting

The successful implementation of such ambitious projects often calls for the expertise of consulting firms. Firstgreen Consulting, with its rich experience in the renewable energy sector, can provide valuable insights and guidance, aiding in the successful realization of BPCL’s goal.


In conclusion, BPCL’s collaboration with BARC to scale up alkaline electrolyzer technology signifies a pivotal development in India’s journey towards renewable energy. This endeavor, supported by the technical acumen of companies like Firstgreen Consulting, promises to bring about a major shift in the country’s energy landscape, echoing Anna Eshoo’s sentiment that “innovation is the calling card of the future.”

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