Chandigarh Gets Floating Solar Power Plant

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A floating solar power plant pilot of 10 kW peak (kWp) has been commissioned at Dhanas lake in Chandigarh amid efforts by the government to develop the Union Territory as a solar city.

It has been designed to supply power to fountains at the lake for aeration. The Unique Selling Proposition is its dual-axis tracking technology that has been developed indigenously, which is capable of generating 30 per cent or more power than conventional solar photovoltaic ones mounted on the ground. In a move towards realizing the broader objective, Yellow 2 Gen Energy Pvt. Ltd, which installed the plant recently, has proposed for innovative development of the land-neutral solar photovoltaic (floating SPV) plants.

“The approximate cost of the 10 kWp floating solar power plant is around Rs 12 lakh,” Jeevan Mohanty, the Director of Yellow 2 Gen Energy, said. The floating power plant in the planned city is yet another attempt to achieve practical and tangible progress in harnessing solar energy and facilitate large-scale generation of electrical energy through solar radiation at an economically viable cost.