How does module orientation effects the energy yield from a solar PV system?

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In order to get highest energy yield, it is important that modules are oriented towards South with a required tilt angle. However, in case of rooftop solar PV systems, it may not be always feasible to orient your solar modules towards South. Sometimes, the solar modules installation is done in such a way that modules are facing east, west or any other direction. In PVSyst, such analysis can be done by putting appropriate azimuth angle of your solar module installation. Azimuth angle defines the angle between true south vs the orientation of PV module. We have analysed the system performance with reference to various orientations at a given location. It may be observed that if the modules are oriented to true south, the generation is highest while at the same location, if the modules are oriented to east or west, the energy yield is reduced.

Energy yield with reference to Azimuth Angle with 15° tilt angle: