MNRE Announces Draft of Quality Control Order for Solar Thermal System

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To address and ensure quality of solar components across India’s solar power ecosystem, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has floated a draft quality control order for Solar Thermal Systems. The Standardization specifics are in accordance with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) guidelines. The ministry has already announced the quality control order for Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) Systems. According to the draft order, a manufacturer or seller of solar thermal systems will now have to register with BIS to obtain a Standard Mark. The order has also prohibited storage, sale, import or distribution of solar thermal systems by manufacturers or by any person on behalf of a manufacturer which does not bear the Standard Mark. However, the manufacturers of solar thermal systems meant for exports are exempted from the requirement of applying for a Standard Mark from BIS. This means that the outbound products may or may not adhere to the specifications. The Order is scheduled to come into force a year after its publication in the Official Gazette. The order adds, that solar thermal systems which do not conform to the specified standard will have to be deformed beyond use and disposed of as scrap by the domestic manufacturer or by the representative of an overseas manufacturer. In order to ensure compliance of the guidelines, MNRE can seek information along with sample of goods from the manufacturers on the systems any time. The ministry can also inspect the systems at any point in time. In cases of contravention, the ministry can also search and seize goods. In cases where the solar thermal systems are of varying size and rating, the goods will be grouped and granted series approval.


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