New Town Kolkata Development Authority adopts green building practices

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KOLKATA: The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA), in consultation with enlisted architects, structural engineers and other stakeholders, has adopted several neighbourhood- and environment-friendly construction practices.

Some of the measures to be in place include preventing harmful effluents
from piling rigs from flowing into the sewerage and drainage lines, not
allowing construction materials to be piled on the blacktop portion of the
roads and ensuring use of low-noise alternative machines for work during
the day instead of diesel engines or generators between 8pm and 6am.
Additionally, all under-construction buildings will have to be covered so
that no dust, debris or construction material fall outside the property
boundary. Contractors will also have to ensure that there is no water accumulation on the premises.
NKDA officials also suggested that to develop sustainable and eco-friendly buildings, reflective paint could be used on rooftops to reduce room temperature by around 4°C to 5°C to reduce power consumption.

Source- Times of India