Revolutionizing Electric Power System with Ubiquitous IoT: A Leap Forward in China

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China, a global frontrunner in technological advancements, is taking a significant leap towards enhancing its electric power system. The country first proposed the concept of a ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) in an electrical power system in 2019 and is set to complete its construction by 2024. This initiative is set to revolutionize the interconnection of power systems and significantly contribute to energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

The Ubiquitous IoT in Power Systems: An Overview

The ubiquitous IoT is an advanced communication technology enabling full interconnection of power systems. But its application doesn’t stop there; it also allows the integration of additional sectors such as heating and cooling, along with decentralized energy sources like photovoltaics.

Once implemented, this system will provide comprehensive control over the online operation status of equipment, facilitating seamless management and optimization of power networks. This capability will enable the integration and full utilization of multiple complementary energy sources, including the power grid, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems.

The Potential Benefits

The introduction of the ubiquitous IoT into the electric power system holds the potential for several key benefits:

  1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency: By interconnecting various energy sources and facilitating their optimal use, the system can significantly improve comprehensive energy utilization efficiency.
  2. Cost Savings: With greater efficiency and optimal usage of resources, energy costs can be considerably reduced.
  3. Carbon Reduction: The utilization of renewable energy sources and improved efficiency will lead to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation efforts.


China’s move towards incorporating a ubiquitous IoT into its electric power system marks a significant step forward in harnessing technology for energy efficiency and sustainability. This leap will likely catalyze similar initiatives globally, underscoring the critical role of IoT in shaping the future of energy systems.

At Firstgreen Consulting, we keep a keen eye on such technological advancements and their potential implications for energy systems. We strive to guide our clients in understanding and leveraging these innovations for enhanced energy efficiency, cost savings, and carbon reduction in their operations.

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