Shared savings model for solar plants O&M

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Firstgreen specializes in providing robotic PV module cleaning services. We use the highest quality professional grade robotic equipment’s which are specially designed for providing solar module cleaning in existing as well as new solar installations. The use of robotic PV module cleaning reduces the module deterioration due to dirt and debris. The increased cleaning cycles leads to improved energy yield and the plant output increases in the range of 3-5% by use of robotic PV module cleaning systems. We provide complete cleaning service under the shared savings model.

Under the shared savings cleaning contract you will pay us on a two part model, where in a base price of cleaning min two cleaning cycles for your plant. However as we use robotic cleaning technology, our cleaning cycles are expected to be of the order of 8-10 cleaning cycles per month. The increased cleaning cycles increase your energy yield and we share the benefits with you after achieving the expected savings based on agreed performance measurement method.

For deploying the robotic cleaning system at site, we do not charge any upfront cost from the client, however we propose to share 50% of the revenue due to increased yield. The increased yield shall be estimate based on the basis of the previous year’s yield of the same month and you share the increased monthly yield based on the actual savings achieved. A correction of annual module degradation shall be applied of 0.7% per year on the yield estimation. A sample calculation sheet of our shared savings model is attached herewith for your reference.

By adopting you not only save on money, but also save on water, as the robotic cleaning is done by using dry cleaning.

Example of Shared savings estimate for a typical 1 MW solar project

Existing monthly yieldImproved yield by 3%Incremental generation due to robotic cleaningNet revenue gain considered @ Rs.5/kWhShare of Firstgreen under the shared savings program (50%)