Single solar plant to serve many: Discoms working out plan

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NEW DELHI: With the electricity watchdog paving the way for group net metering and virtual net metering wherein multiple electricity consumers can be beneficiaries to a single solar plant, discoms have been asked to submit their feedback on how to make the process more beneficial for consumers.
In a joint committee report commissioned by Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC), power distribution utility Tata Power Delhi has proposed installing smart meters in all solar projects.

According to the discom, with the help of smart meters, they could have real time monitoring of solar generation as well as consumer demand. “This will help us to manage supply and demand portfolio efficiently by predicting generation and demand. Consumers can also see real time generation and consumption data through our website and mobile app. This will increase customer delight with our services. In future, we shall have provision for integrating automated demand response with solar consumers. This will help the discom to manage variability and uncertainty of solar generation,” said a discom official.

The official said, “Also in future, we may integrate value-added services like home automation through smart meters where the consumer can reap the benefit of energy efficiency alongwith solar generation through smart devices.”

Till date, Tata Power-DDL has installed 4,800 smart meters at its distribution transformer. During the ongoing, Phase 1, till date 8,500 meters have been installed in Civil Lines, Pitampura. In 2019-20 , 2.5 lakh meters will be installed, discom officials said. “The project will also help in enhanced monitoring and control throughout Tata Power-DDL’s network on real time basis and will aid in reduction of commercial losses,” said an official.

Source: Times of India

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