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After working in solar industry for almost 20 years, now it is time to share the experience and knowledge with the new generation. With this thought in mind this platform (Solar is my passion) was conceptualized. Today, social media is a powerful media, and everyone is connected to these social media platforms, in fact, we can say that, it is the era of views and reviews. Each and every thing is available on these platforms at a click of a mouse and the biggest convenience is that it is available anytime and anywhere and in some cases in local languages also.

‘Solar is my passion’ is one such platform on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, where you get regular, latest, and unbiased information on solar products, their application, new development, cost, payback, maintenance, and in some cases the policies and procedures related to these products. Solar industry experts, professors, SNA officers, and trendsetters in this field also have shared their knowledge and experience on this platform. Anyone can watch their informative videos and enhance their skills. These informative videos are helpful for all sectors and customers can get to know the latest developments, policy procedures and guidelines. He/ she also understands their particular requirements and he/she can do the system sizing and selection on their own. So, time is saved.

Same is the case with vendors also, they can use these videos to educate their customers, reality is, answering enquiries efficiently lays a strong foundation for any business. How perfectly and efficiently you handle or serve the enquiry is the basis of a successful business venture. But, everytime handling enquiries perfectly is not possible because of various reasons, but with these videos you can share the required information to the prospect. You not only save your valuable time, but also increase your outreach and boundaries.

One thing is sure—knowledge sells better than product or services. In fact, anyone who is interested to enhance his/ her knowledge and skills in solar energy sector can watch these informative videos. Solar industry is a vast field, source is free, and the applications are unlimited. You just have to understand the technology and fulfill your demands accordingly, don’t just stick to one product or one concept, know the technology and its applications. Today, this field is not restricted to engineers only, these days many nonengineers have also done remarkable work and achieved new milestones. In fact, many trendsetters are recognized by national and international agencies too. If you have done something remarkable and unique, which you think is beneficial for the the industry, you can share it with us, we will definitely try to bring that information on this platform. We hope this platform fulfills your demands and expectations.

Mr Ajit Bahadur is Consultant at Solar Is My Passion. He may be contacted at ajitbahadur@