What is spectrally selective glass?

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The sun emits visible solar radiation in the form of light and infrared radiation that cannot be seen, but causes heat. Spectrally selective glass transmits a high proportion of the visible solar radiation, but screens out radiant heat from the sun – significantly reducing the need to cool a building’s interior. Spectrally selective glass is used to describe low-e coated glass that lowers the SHGC.

How Does It Works?

By controlling the temperature of the outside pane of glass, this glazing reduces radiant heat gain and loss through the window and maintains the ambient temperature inside multi-pane glass. This means that you will be able to fully enjoy all the beautiful sunlight through your home’s windows and keep your rooms cooler without expensive air conditioning. Your house will also stay cozier in the winter, as this window glazing blocks heat from escaping the interior. Spectrally selective window glazing is a suitable addition for both warm and cool climates.

How can I be sure I have spectrally selective glass?

The SHGC rating for the product is the key to determining whether you have glass with a spectrally selective coating. In general, windows with a spectrally selective low-e coating will have SHGC ratings of 0.40 or lower.

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